After School Club

After-school Club, Ruckleigh School

Playpals is open for fun and games at Ruckleigh school in the nursery classroom (off Touchwood Hall Close) every day from the end of school until 6:00 each evening for our “After School Club”.


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Activities and games are provided for children of all ages, so that they are always kept entertained. The children may choose which activity they wish to play with. All activities are supervised.

Activities include: BUILDING BLOCKS, LEGO, K-NEX, CARS, LEGO, MOVIES, COLOURING/DRAWING, along with a wide selection of BOARD GAMES.

Our creative work is also very popular.

We have use of the nursery playground and the outdoor facilities. Outdoor activities are organised every day (weather permitting!). Outdoor games include ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’, ‘Chinese Waters’ and ‘Run Across’.


A tea is provided every evening for all the children.


All our full-time staff are fully qualified. Our nursery nurses have First Aid qualifications, safeguarding and food hygiene training.

If you are interested, please contact us to request a registration form.