Playpals Price structure from 2nd September 2019


REGISTRATION FEES (To be paid with first week’s fees in advance to secure a place: non refundable)

Initial Registration fee at Playpals Nursery (Hermitage Road)                     £80

Initial Registration fee at Playpals Out of School Club                                 £35


Playpals Nursery (Hermitage Road)

Full day (max 0800 to 1800)                                                                    £55 daily

Half Day (0800-1300 OR 1300- 1800)                                                    £35 (not in Daisy Room)

Daily Rate (sibling discount for second child 20%)                                 £44.00 daily

Daily rate (standing order discount 5%)                                                  £49.50 daily

Four Day Week                                                                                       £214 (£53.50 per day)

Five Day Week                                                                                        £260 (£52 per day)


Wrap-around care

Collect from St Alphege Nursery school at 1130, lunch and afternoon at Playpals Nursery              £38

Collect from St Alphege Nursery Preschool at 1215, lunch and afternoon at Playpals Nursery         £38


Funded Hours (Currently 15 OR 30 hours per week during term-time)

Breakfast & lunch during morning session (0800- 1300)                                                   £6 daily

Tea during afternoon session (1300- 1600)                                                                      £3 daily

Three meals during full day (max 0800- 1800)                                                                 £9 daily


Additional Costs

Rhythm Time Session : Wednesday Morning                                            £5 (Not in Daisy Room)


Playpals After School Club (Ruckleigh School)

After-School Club (Including Tea)                                                              £12 daily

Occasional Booking (Including Tea)                                                          £15 daily

Car Journey (from Solihull School Junior)                                                   £2 daily


Playpals Holiday Club (Ruckleigh School)

Full Day (max 0800- 1800)                                                                                    £38 daily

Half Day (0800- 1300 OR 1300- 1800)                                                                 £25 daily

Full Week (Monday to Friday)                                                                              £160 (£32 daily)

Daily Rate (sibling discount 20%)                                                                        £30 daily



There are no charges for Bank Holidays

There is no charge for week 52 (Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day inclusive)


The fees can be paid in a variety of ways

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash or cheques
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Tax free childcare account

We do not accept any card payments. However, payment via standing orders remains the preferred payment type.

The Playpals Nursery invoices are send out in the final week of the month (e.g. January) for the month following( e.g. February) They are due to be paid by the second Friday of the month. The Paypals After-school Club invoices are sent out half termly and are due on the second week of the half term.

Standing order  accounts are due on the first of every month, for the month following

Only one discount at a time can be applied to an account.

No discounts are applicable to accounts paid (even partially) though Government Funding schemes. (eg Early Education, Two Year old, extra 15 hours)

Contact us to request a registration form.

Once your child is registered booking forms can be found on DOWNLOADS .