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Admissions Policy (playpals Nursery)

GDPR Policy

Illness and medicine

We will take children with snuffles as long as they are not in distress and wanting to go home to bed. If parents are notified that their child is ill they must come when asked. We do not ring parents at work unless it is essential, but we always ring if a child is vomiting or comes out in spots. Children with sickness or diarrhoea must not attend nursery until 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased. Children must not be sent to Playpals if they have chickenpox (a minimum of a week’s absence is required). We have an accident book, where we record falls and bumps. I f a child should fall and need stitches a parent would be called immediately, but we would take the child to casualty ourselves to save time.

The supervisor’s opinion is final when it comes to exclusion of a child through illness. If a parent repeatedly refuses to pick up a sick child, they will be asked to leave. WE CANNOT GIVE MEDICINES WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. Parents must give separate written permission ( written in our medicine book) naming the medicine, and giving the exact dosage and times, and date. This must then be signed by the parents. We will not give medicine without this written permission. We can not keep medicines to give on a long term basis except treatment needed for allergies, and then we need to have written “blanket permission” which covers all dates.

Disruptive children

This is a rare problem, because the children are occupied. We do not use physical punishment. Children who bite or have a tantrum will be removed from the group where they are playing and told why their behaviour is not acceptable. Because we have such a high ratio of adults to children, opportunities for disruption are rare and are dealt with as they arise. Parents are expected to help solve any problems with their children’s behaviour, and support the nursery nurses in their efforts.

Babies’ bottles

Advice from the Health visitors have changed with regards to preparing bottles in advance. Our policy and practice must reflect these changes.We can no longer accept made up bottles and store them in the fridge.

We will ask the parents to send sufficient sterilised bottles. These can be stored in the fridge as is already procedure. The child’s routine in their message book will explain the amounts of milk required at each feed. It is , even more important to keep these up dated whenever necessary. The parents will also need to provide a container of enough powdered milk and scoop, clearly labelled with their child’ name. We can store whole containers if that is easier for the parents but it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient.

When a child’s bottle is due Playpals staff must make up the bottle.

1. Wash hands thoroughly.
2. Boil the kettle with fresh tap water.
3. Fill the bottle with water to the measure required for that feed.
4. Measure the exact amount of powder using the scoop provided. (1 scoop per mil of water) Level the contents in the scoop with the spatula or plastic knife supplied. Don’t pack the powder down at all. Add to the water.
5. Replace disc, teat and cover.
6. Shake well until all the powder has dissolved.
7. Make sure the milk is sufficiently cooled before giving it to your baby. The right temperature is when a few drops shaken on to the back of your hand feel slightly warm. You can hurry the process by holding the bottle under a running cold tap.

Smoking Policy at Playpals Hermitage Road

It has always been a disciplinary issue if employees smoke anywhere in the Playpals building (with the exception of the parking bay). However, since July 1st 2007 it has been illegal to smoke in the Playpals building.

There are “It is illegal to smoke here” signs around the building.

Equal Opportunities

We encourage a non-sexist approach to play, and do not expect the girls to play in the home corner while boys ride bikes, etc. They all do ALL activities equally. Playpals does not have a selection process, and children are awarded places on a first come first served basis. All children are treated with equal care and attention. We encourage the children to treat all their friends with respect and we expect a non-racist attitude amongst staff, children and parents.

Potty Training

If your child is in nappies, please send enough. We will potty train your child, when over 2, but please keep us informed of progress at home.


Please name any toys or clothes you send in. Also, please name your child’s bag.