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Daisy Room (age 0-20 months)

Newborn babies are cared for separately downstairs in our Daisy Room. We have space for ten babies under two, cared for by well qualified and experienced nursery nurses. We provide a comfortable and stimulating environment, with an emphasis on helping our babies to develop into bright happy toddlers

Our baby room is supplied with good quality cots and baby equipment. Babies are provided with a variety of appropriate simulating toys in a cheerful environment. Parents must send in sterilised bottles and a box of formula milk and we will make up fresh bottles when individual children require them. Playpals supply fresh home-cooked food for babies who are weaned, and menus are displayed each week.

Parents must supply a sturdy exercise book which must come in and go home each day in the child’s bag. This should contain all important information about the child’s habits such as sleeping patterns, bottle feeding, etc. Each day the nursery nurses will write in anything that the parents need to know, such as what the child has enjoyed, when nappies were soiled and changed, and what the child has eaten.

Poppy Room (age 20-30 months)

In the upstairs Poppy Room there is a comfortable area with seating for stories and floor play, a home corner and an area for sitting at a table for craft work, painting, puzzles and table toys. In here we can focus on potty-training, socialising, vocabulary extension and becoming independent.

Sunflower Room (age 30 months +)

In the Sunflower Room we cater for children aged 30 months+. There is open access to the garden and child-sized toilets. We focus on preparing the children for school, increasing their independence and following the Early Years Foundation Stage. (read more about education)

In the playrooms we have an area for imaginative play and more robust games. We also have a large garden for playing in the summer and riding sit-on toys. We also have a playground with climbing toys and slides, set in an area covered in tree bark.


We also provide a wraparound service for school nursery children at the following schools: St Alphege Nursery, St Alphege Pre-school,  Solihull School(Junior department) and Ruckleigh School. This involves picking up/dropping off your child at school and providing care at the nursery for the rest of the day.


Playpals provides all drinks, food and snacks for children attending all day, and the cost is included within the fee. (A separate price can be quoted for those attending part days) A light breakfast is available at approximately 8:30 a.m. for children who have already arrived. A cooked lunch is served at approximately 12:30 p.m. Afternoon tea is served at approximately 4:30 p.m. Drinks are provided throughout the day.

Our mid-day meals are plain but nutritious, e.g. Fish pie, Cauliflower & broccoli cheese bake, Quorn Spaghetti Bolognaise and pasta dishes. Food is cooked on the premises and a daily menu is displayed.

All our full-time staff complete Basic Food Handlers training course. We are checked regularly. We have been awarded 5 stars ever since the scheme started.

On birthdays we make a fuss of your child and can organise a party. Please send a cake if you wish.

School Holidays

The nursery runs as usual. We also run a holiday scheme based in Ruckleigh school for children aged 3-8.

If you are interested in our nursery contact us to request a copy of our brochure or arrange a time for a visit.