The aim of our nursery is to aid children’s development in a happy and comfortable environment. We also prepare the older children for school. At our nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, with the detailed planned activities designed to stretch and reinforce the children’s learning from even the youngest child.

Our day is structured to cover a variety of activities every day. All of the skills are taught through play activities, such as table games, craft work, singing, story telling, art work, construction toys, books and pre-reading activities which we devise for particular aspects of teaching.

The children learn colour, numbers up to ten and many concepts during our craft and table games sessions.

Our daily singing sessions develop vocabulary, musical awareness and confidence, and our story corner and language activities extend language and literacy.

Our weekly baking sessions are also very popular and the children have a sense of achievement as they take their cake home.

We have water play and sand play to help children explore science. Our daily art and craft sessions develop a child’s creative ability. Our weekly new experiences session, our outings and special events teach the children about the world.

We are not concerned with making an end product but in letting the children try out new experiences and think things out. Some of the art work is taken home, but often the art sessions are joint efforts to decorate our wall-boards. We provide a wide range of books which the children can look at on their own, as well as during our daily story session. Every day we have a puzzle session, when children can develop their problem solving skills.

Our teaching is done through a series of themes in the Poppy and Sunflower room. For example, for a few weeks all the children’s counting sheets, writing sheets, songs, art work, social development, physical development and creative play will be about ” the circus” before changing to ” the farm ” or ” under the sea”. Parents are kept informed by monthly news letter about what the them will be, and also which colour is being studied etc. so that they can re-enforce the teaching at home. At the end of each theme a scrap book of photos and work is compiled and the children can take it home for a few days to show their family.

During their time at Playpals, examples of your child’s work are put into a folder, which goes with the child when he or she leaves us. All the work is dated, so that parents can see the development that has taken place. We also provide opportunities for parents to come in to see completed theme work when they pick up their children. The nursery nurses are always happy to talk to parents about their children, either in the morning or at pickup time, or by telephone during the day. Each room has a Key Person, but Lynne plays an active part in the running of the nursery and clubs, and gets to know all the children.

The Key People are always available to give support to parents.