Employee of the month December 2018

Shell Pencheon

Congratulations Shell employee of the monh for Decmeber 2018.

Shell was praised for her knowledge of the children’s day which is personal and thorough. Well done Shell- just in time for the sales shopping.

Holiday Club

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Since there was no real snow- we visited the artifical snow this afternoon. We built snowballs, snowmen and made footprints. Much warmer to be indoors!

Africa Day

Digital Camera Digital Camera

Bema came from Afrikan Ark to teach us about the African Culture . We wore African dress , did some dancing and heard some stories. We also experimented with African artistic skills.


Employee of the month

Charlotte Riley - Copy

Congratulations Charl: Employee of the month for November 2018.

She  was praised for the support she gave a child in the Daisy Room to settle in.

The child’s mother is jealous of the hugs that Charl egts in the morning at drop off time.