Pet shop visit

sunflower(E) 2017 sept wk5 pet shop 025


Today the eldest sunflower room went to the Pet Shop. They saw rabbits, fish , guinea pigs, rats , degus,hamsters and dogs. They were interested in the toys for cats- which are quite like some of our toys! The children had a good look at the dog food and the bones too. They were different from the food we eat!

We have a new pet fish- who is yet to be named.


sunflower(E) 2017 sept wk5 pet shop 021


Gold Community champions Award

gold award (2)

On Wednesday 30th August we were awarded our Gold Community Champions Award by Micheala from SMBC Engage.

We awarded this because we..

  • Share good practice
  • have developed ourselves as a Community Practitioner

Bronze Community Champions Award

We were awarded our Bronze Community Champions Award on 25th May 2017 by Lynn from SMBC Engage.

We received the award because we..

  • enurse a safeĀ  environment for children, young people and families
  • Understand early help


Congratulations Lauren

Lauren has been awarded employee of the month for August. She was complimented on her quiet confidence and gentle manner. The parents praised her for the way she gives a thorough daily update on their child’s day.Lauren Kettle 2015