Half day Rate (8am-1pm OR 1pm-6pm) £30.00
Daily rate (max 8:00-18:00) £48.00
Daily Rate (sibling discount 20% for second child) £38.40
Four day week (per week) £188.00
Five day week (per week) £230.00

N.B. There is a 5% per day discount for payments by standing order.(£45.60 daily)

Funded Hours (currently 15 hours per week during term-time)

Breakfast and lunch in  morning session (8am-1pm):£4.00 per session

Tea in afternoon session (1pm-6pm): £2 per session

Three meals (8am-6pm): £6 per session


Playpals provides a wraparound service for children who attend school Nursery. The schemes we provide, along with prices are as follows:

Children with  fulltime School places

 Scheme Price
 Collect from Solihull Junior School( per night)  £14.00
 After-School club (Ruckleigh School)  £12.00

Children with School Morning Place

Scheme Price
Collect from school at 11.30, lunch and afternoon at Playpals nursery £35.00

Contact us to request a registration form.


Once your child is registered booking forms can be found on DOWNLOADS .